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Album: 2022 Scholarship Award Recipient

IMG_6548s.jpg 2022 Scholarship Award Recipient
IMG_5306.jpg 2022 Pink Christmas 6th Annual Car Show
IMG_6494.jpg 2022 12th Annual Pink Christmas Gala
IMG_11901001002.jpg 2021 Scholarships
imagejpeg950001002.jpg 2020 Scholarships
48778722218_e2738e7d27_k.jpg 2019 Pink Christmas Antique-Classic Car Show
48783154918_8c3982aaaf_k.jpg 2019 PACK THE HOUSE: Chic-fil-A Rivergate
48989631598_4f6f74f3d1_n.jpg 2019 Inaugural Afternoon of Hope
i-4fXDHvC-XL.jpg 2019 11th Annual Pink Christmas Gala
20181011_181423.jpg 2018 PACK THE HOUSE: Chick-fil-A Rivergate
pnkcar-18-004_29409582527_o.jpg 2018 3rd Pink Christmas Antique-Classic Car Show
gala18-01_32419201618_o.jpg 2018 10th Annual Pink Christmas Party
FAIR_011.jpg 2017 Pink Christmas Health and Wellness Fair
pinkcar17--103_37597183046_o.jpg 2017 Pink Christmas Antique-Classic Car Show
IMG_4902.jpg 2017 Chic-fil-A Spirit Night
pnk_chrismas17-001_27211449199_o.jpg 2017 9th Annual Pink Christmas Party
_DSC0008.JPG 2016 Pink Christmas Antique-Classic Car show
_DSC0432.JPG 2016 8th Annual Pink Christmas Party

2022 Scholarship Award Recipient

During this year's gala, Pink Christmas was delighted to award our annual scholarship in the amount of $2,000 to Déja Grant. Déja is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Biochemistry – Cancer Biology at Meharry Medical Center.

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