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Day of Diagnosis

In January 2018, the Pink Christmas Day of Diagnosis Initiative was started. This significant collaboration involves Dr. Laura Lawson, a renowned breast surgeon in Nashville, TN and Dr. Sonia Benn, a distinguished oncologist and hematologist in Memphis, TN. Recognizing that the diagnosis of breast cancer is a moment laden with a myriad of emotions, this initiative aims to offer a measure of solace. Following the delivery of this life-altering news, Dr. Lawson and Dr. Benn present patients with a thoughtful Pink Christmas gift, symbolizing both support and compassion. We are immensely grateful for their partnership and the positive impact it brings.

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Dr. Laura L. Lawson, MD

Laura L. Lawson, MD, is a breast surgeon with the Nashville Breast Center. Dr.

Lawson is board-certified in General Surgery. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, and treats a full range of breast health needs including elevated risk and benign breast conditions. Dr. Lawson is committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate and personalized care for all of her patients. She is the Medical Director of the Ascension St. Thomas Breast Cancer Program and serves on the Board of the Nashville Academy of Medicine. When not caring for patients, Dr. Lawson enjoys spending time with her sons, who are busy with school and sports (especially baseball), traveling, snow skiing, reading, and is an avid scrapbooker.

Dr. Sonia Benn, MD

Dr. Sonia M. Benn, MD is a distinguished Medical Oncologist and Hematologist at East Cancer Center & Research Institute in Germantown, Tennessee. As an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, she brings a holistic approach to patient care, emphasizing physical, emotional, and social well-being. Dr. Benn was born in Trinidad, West Indies and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. Alongside her husband Lester, a local architect, she enjoys cooking, music, and quality family time, embodying her belief in the importance of balance and wellness in both personal and professional life.

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